Toilet Repair and Toilet Installation in Stanton, CA

Did you know a new toilet can update the look of a bathroom, making it appear that it was remodeled? If you would like to improve the look of your bathroom or want to save money on water costs by installing a new, high efficiency toilet, give My Stanton Plumber Hero a call. When you need toilet repairs, we’re here for you. We’re also available for toilet replacement and toilet installation in Stanton, CA.

Save Dollars with a New Toilet

Old commodes, especially if they were made before 1994, are thirsty appliances. The typical toilet uses three and seven gallons of water per flush. A high efficiency toilet can reduce the amount of water used per flush by half. Each day we help homeowners select new toilets that look great and save money on water bills. Our expert plumbers take the guesswork out of purchasing a new toilet!

Did you already purchase a new fixture? Get in touch with us for professional toilet installation in Stanton, CA. Toilets installed properly will always work better for longer and you won’t put your flooring, baseboards or other bathroom fixtures at risk for water damage.

Toilet Repair

Do have toilet that is giving you a few problems, here and there? Our licensed plumbers have the equipment and talent to repair any commode no matter what brand or model. Our plumbing professionals service the following toilets:

  • Round toilets
  • Compact toilets
  • Elongated toilets
  • One and two-piece toilets
  • High efficiency
  • Wall-hung
  • Concealed trap

No matter what kind of toilet you have, you can depend on our expertly trained technicians to supply quality repairs and expert plumbing service at inexpensive prices.

Clogged Toilet Repair

The most frequent service call we take is for clogged toilet repair. Toilets clog fast when the wrong objects are flushed. Toilets can also back up if they are installed incorrectly or a problem exists with the drainpipe or sewer line.

You can defend your toilets against clogs by being careful about what you put in the toilet. Large amounts of toilet paper can cause shallow blockages in the trap; whereas feminine hygiene products, facial tissues, and baby wipes can  cause problems in the drainpipe and sewer line. Make sure you’re only flushing toilet paper and throwing everything else away to avoid problems.

Running Toilets

The next popular service call we receive after clogged toilet repair is for toilets that won’t stop running. After a toilet is flushed, it should turn off within a reasonable amount of time. If the toilet keeps running for several minutes or more after you flush, it is highly probable that you have a damaged piece of interior hardware that requires replacement. Don’t put off making these repairs. When a toilet runs continuously, you can potentially waste hundreds of gallons of water.

To arrange an appointment with one of our famed plumbers, call us today. We offer same day appointments at astonishingly reasonable rates and warranty all of our toilet repair and toilet replacement services in Stanton, CA, 100%.